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Student Liability Waiver

Please complete this form for each participating student. Each form is valid for 12 months. 

Release of Liability

By selecting "yes", you hereby release The Bull City Woodshop (“BCW”) its staff, board and volunteers from any and all liability for damages for property loss and/or injuries sustained by me while present on the BCW premises at 1912 E Pettigrew St, Durham, NC or while participating in any BCW program activities off the premises, whether as a volunteer, program participant, parent/guardian, community worker, visitor or in any other capacity. 

Safety Release

By selecting "yes", you certify that your student does not suffer from any medical, physical, psychological or other condition that would impair their ability to safely operate power tools and fully participate in The Bull City Woodshop (BCW) woodworking and outreach programs.  You also certify that any medications they take will not interfere with their ability to be alert and attentive during The BCW classes. Furthermore, all information you have given is up to date and correct at this time.  You also agree to inform the staff of The BCW if and when any of this information changes to ensure proper care and safety. The BCWs staff constantly assesses the ability of all youth and volunteers to work safely, follow instruction and meet the expectations of The BCW program.

Photo/Video Release

By selecting "yes", you give your permission for The BCW to use photographic and/or video images of your student for program purposes, on The BCW literature, The BCW brochures, on The BCW website,  on social  media and in media stories about The BCW or in other lawful and appropriate ways related to The BCW program. You understand that such photographic and video images may be distributed to granting sources and others who may utilize the images in reporting about or promoting The BCW program.

Emergency Call Release

By selecting "yes", you authorize The BCW staff or volunteers to call emergency services in the case of an emergency.

Please enter your STUDENT'S name here, NOT the registering adult!


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